"Time Lost" feat. Zoë


-Jensen Ackles (April 2011)

I had meant to mess with the brightness and contrast…and then suddenly…it turned into this. Ilu Jensen, too beautiful for words.

Become one with Russia, da?

For Britini <3 (sorry bro I forgot your tumblr url…)

line 2010, color 2013

Uh, here’s my submission for the #helpwillgraham competition for ncbchannibal. A+ show guys, highly recommend. 

A drawing of Hibari and Tsuna back in 2009 LOL so olddd. Just coloring for practice.

Hibari Kyouya and Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Yes I ship/shipped them. 

I woke up at 5am to take this picture…haha.

Lake Michigan, Chicago (2012)

Some lovely apartments I saw and liked while walking in Chicago. :)


"The ride was a long one, but I could only remember it as a blur of scenery flying by…"


Chicago Riverfront 2012


©Nancy Lin

Just a random doodle in class I colored :) 


lol something I drew a LONG time ago, just practicing coloring.

SHINee :)

"It was a token of forgiveness, meant to remind her of him wherever she traveled."


"The spotlight of sun struck the photograph, an oasis from the swallowing darkness. Yet its reach extended beyond that of the confines of the space."